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furniture plastic edge bandings types

Time:2015-08-01 Read:1341
There are many types of edge banding, generally PVC edge banding, furniture edge banding, ABS edge strips, Edge is one of the most basic materials inside the cupboard. Edge to prevent the ingress of moisture, effectively put an end plate of small amounts of formaldehyde release, but also reinforcing plate.
1.wood edge banding
More than good natural birch, oak, maple, beech, cherry and other wood, machined and cut into thin wood Edge. Wood natural, soft, stability, strong adhesion characteristics paste. After its adhesion and good absorption on furniture, especially wood-based panel adhesive and seamless. Its specifications: a thickness of 0.1 ~ 0.3mm, a width of 20mm ~ 80mm (width can also be customized special processing), the length is generally 2000mm. Because the Edge is thin, coupled with various different fiber density of wood, so wood edge banding also easy to pack, easy to tear defects, but after the back gum coating process can more than make up deficiencies.
2.PVC edge banding
Polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride as raw materials, machinery and pressed into the wood, through the heart, plain, color series of plastic substance Edge. With heat, oil and strength, hardness, high bending characteristics; good surface properties, abrasion, cut repairable; surface effect is also good, its patterns and colors can be close to the log of natural wood color, may also have Other color pattern; the bottom surface after bonding effect textured PVC sealing process or coating process is also very good. Its specifications: a thickness of 0.2 ~ 3mm, a width of 19-50mm, a length of 1000mm roll. PVC Edge thickness 2mm above a certain stress, use must be heated to soften or increase the temperature of the binder, or paste the light of the force is not strong off on their own.
3.melamine edge banding

To high-quality colored paper, printing a variety of wood, flowers, leather grain, marble and other artistic pattern (or pure plain), and then impregnated with a modified melamine cured fat paper Edge. It features a wear-resistant, fire prevention, anti-oil, moisture, pH, and have excellent flexibility, strong adhesion after bonding, the advantages of easy to fall off. Its specifications: a thickness of 0.2 ~ 0.4mm, a width of about 25mm, a length of 1000 ~ 2000mm. Melamine Edge has an excellent bending properties, will be better after the heat, but there is frangible defects.

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