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edge banding produce technology

Time:2015-08-01 Read:1342
PVC edge production technology mainly refers Edge profiling in the manufacturing process technology and timber situation. The main ingredient of polyvinyl chloride PVC edge banding, mixing, rolling, vacuum forming and other processes made of. Products widely used in furniture, office, kitchen utensils, teaching equipment, civilian laboratories. Thickness from 0.3 to 3mm, width from 12mm to 80mm. Product has the following main features: smooth surface, no blistering, no stretch marks, moderate gloss, smooth surface and back, thickness, width consistent, reasonable hardness, elasticity, good quality, wear resistance, after trimming sealing side surface color and surface color close, not white, gloss, furniture finished overall color coordination.

PVC edge banding is the main raw material for PVC, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, dyes and other additives, kneading pressed together thermoplastic membrane. Its surface wood, marble, etc. wove pattern, pattern while surface gloss and soft, with a realistic and three-dimensional timber; a certain finish and decorative, with a certain heat resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, surface has a certain hardness. Edge of the main functions is to be solid seal plate section, reaching from the environment and use.

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