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advantages of pvc edge bandings

Time:2015-08-01 Read:1279

1.PVC edge banding is relatively light, it is relative to the metal and plexiglass in terms of light not because it is a polymer compound, but because they are organic compounds, that is composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other lighter 

2.PVC edge banding material is plastic, plastic is easy to process. Plastic plasticity, that is, after heating or pressing deformation and maintain the prototype unchanged after cooling or pressure disappears. Can be processed by extrusion, etc. into respective shapes Edge, such as T, H-type, D-type, V-type, shape, and so the word.

3.PVC edge banding and cheap, and the price of plastic floating far from large metal.

4.The plastic does not rot and will not rust. However, the nature of human beings but also to bring about a serious problem: As the plasticnonperishable, a lot of plastic waste can not be absorbed by the natural decomposition, resulting in some degree of environmental pollution.

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