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how judge pvc edge banding good or bad

Time:2015-08-01 Read:1551
How good or bad judgment Edge
1.see the Edge of the hue and surface roughness, good color Edge surface is also important, whether color with customized products close, gorgeous. If the surface is very rough, there are pull marks that are certainly better than where quality, this is the surface quality edge banding problem. Edge with inherent quality of the material is not so much, mainly Edge factory production technology and production technology staff skills. Edge is good: The surface must be smooth, no bubbles or little bubbles, little or no stretch marks stretch marks, moderate gloss, not too light or too matt (unless there are special requirements).
2.see Edge surface and a bottom surface flatness, thickness Po is uniform, otherwise it will lead to the junction of Edge and the sheet of plastic or sheet metal and wire are too striking Edge This gap is too large to affect the overall beauty. Details determine success or failure, often a small detail problems that may bring the overall effect of poor embarrassment.
3.edge trimming is white, white surface is bent severely Edge, Edge banding trimming background is in the difficult and approaching the plate surface color. pvc edge banding pvc and mainly made of calcium carbonate plus additives, if calcium content is too high, there will be white edge, bending whitening phenomenon, as evidenced by the poor quality of such products.
4.whether the intensity can be, there is no flexibility, high strength and wear resistance means that the corresponding quality is better, the intensity is too high also means working more difficult. Resiliency is another job means not high wear resistance, aging resistance low. Besides the actual production needs, the general need to manually trimming may be appropriate to do a soft spot, automatic banding machine may be appropriate to do hard spot.
5.the adhesive evenly on whether, in the course is easy to fall off.

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